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I'm a lot more local and to answer your questions

1. I answered this in a PM
2. Arnies Airsoft is a good place for English speaking countries. Avoid retailer/youtube reviews as they are generally useless
3. Visit regarding the Certification for high energy bolt action. Their is a course In Edmonton, Red Deer has one, and Calgary is developing their course or it's already in place. You will not be permitted to bring a high energy >1.65j Bolt action rifle onto a field unless you have certification from one of the three clubs for major events. Almost all games hosted/posted on these three clubs require high energy BA users to have the course in order for you to take the rifle onto the field.

Their are no preferred brands. For Spring guns, expect to spend upwards of $1000 on aftermarket parts to make the platform playable. For Gas guns expect to spend 500-1000 on parts to make the system reliable and provide a safe consistent energy. That is on top of the cost of the gun in both cases

4. Black Cobra Airsoft or Quest for Adventure partnered with imperial Airsoft Edmonton, and purchased the G&P Magpul guns. Quest heavily upgraded them. Expect to spend 500 for a base gun, and another several hundred if you want it to perform comparably. G&P makes excellent airsoft quality externals and some aftermarket parts (motors). depending on the batch their complete guns are considered just above or just below 'midgrade'.
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