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1) You need to be in the house for a while first to be vetted and there needs to be an actual shortage of active verifiers in the area.

2) Arnies Airsoft has a good and active review section. Plan to spend a lot more over the course than you though you would. You can start out cheap though to see if you've got the taste for it. Go hands on as much as you can since something that you think you really like will be awkward to manipulate once it's in hand.

3) Sniper rifles as a rule have the same range as an AEG but a very low volume of fire. Until you've got a good grasp of the mechanics and flow of the game plus have mastered stalking you'll be sorry. We once played a game with about 8 new snipers who were repeatedly slaughtered. Unless you're into that it's no fun.

4) Magpul PTS gets stuff from other makers and puts their own touches on it. Some are OK, some can be a problem. Nothing sadder than a new player who's out because he blew the budget but his AEG has gone down and either parts can't be found or he can't afford them.

5) I've spent the last couple seasons running gas rifles and really enjoyed what they do. I'm considering trying out a PTW or a the new TM recoil shock but I'm just not sure about going back to batteries.
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