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I figured I would take a moment to show how things are progressing this summer and update everyone.

Over Labor Day weekend we had a work party and thanks to the efforts of all involved, we managed to really push the ball down the field a bit on some of our tougher projects.

I’ll spare you guys the text and mostly show with pictures:

M718 front line ambulance number 6037 less than 5 months ago.

6037 as it sits right now. New floors, new underbody framing, tons of welding, tons of fab work. Cannot even count the man hours put into this one but here it sits. Just waiting on a wiring harness to show up for it and we’ll have it running and on the road.

Picture from the work party. Steve is working on the lathe on the foreground (he drove down from Canada to help out), I am helping steady the pipe he’s cutting on so it doesn’t make clangy noises, in the background Gallion is greasing a hub assembly up and DirtPro is working on axle u-joints.

M151A1 6007 has its floors done enough to get truck bed liner! That’s a huge step forward since it means that all the damaged floors are fixed and the underbody is repaired and ready to go.

M151a1 6001 has been piling up the miles scooting around town taking advantage of it’s new antique vehicle plates. 6033 is not far behind, it should have plates in a week or so.
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