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Ok! First off I've had my first taste of airsoft and I fear I may even leave my 5 years of paintball behind to start this hobby!

The stickys were very informative and cut my list of noob questions considerably!

1.) I have pm'd an Edmonton AV and will hopefully get that sorted out soon! Is there a way that after I get AV'd that I too could become an age verifier myself in order to help speed up the process?

2.)I've narrowed down the list and I'm interested in opinions on good quality airsoft brands preferably an electronic assault rifle or even SMG, I realize this question is common, however newer and better airsoft weapons are constantly being improved and added, and there seems to be many to choose from.
Ideally if I could get directed to a good site with descriptions of these weapons I could continue my research more accurately.

3.)Many of the forums suggest that sniper rifles are best left to the experienced players, and from what I've read so far I'm assuming it's due to the higher fps that these put out and the min distances that they should be fire from? It would seem spring loaded is the way to go, any brands that are preferred? Also I heard that using one requires a course. Is this true?

4.) I played a few rounds at Quest for Adventure paintball the rental was a magpul (not sure of the model). What are your thoughts on the quality of this brand?

5.) what is your dream airsoft weapon? Everyone usually has something they drool over or are saving up for!

Thanks for all your time and patience!

Welcome to ASC!~

To answer your first question, becoming an ASC Age Verifier will require a year or two after becoming age verified yourself (if what I was told was correct, I'm also planning to be an AV later once someone finally gets in touch with me >.> ) I'm sure there's a link somewhere on here about becoming one lol

Second: This depends more on budget. If you have a ton of cash, Systema is a well known, high quality, and EXPENSIVE gun. For just starting out, first take a look around local stores near you, or online at various sites to see what kinds of guns are out there, settle on a style (M4, M16, G36C, M249, etc etc) of rifle you want to play with, as well as role. Obviously if you pick up a SAW you're gunna be more a supportive role rather than front line assault (sometimes, but not always depends on your play style). We are not permitted to state what sites as you are not AV'd. Just ASC rules. Anyway, there's tons of brands, G&G, ARES, KJW, KWA, WE, KA and many more that I can't recall lol but each has it's brands' version of various guns with different parts/performances/pricing so it's really up to you as to how much you want to spend and what kind of gun you want. Assault rifles are usually the classic M4 and because it's such a common gun parts are usually SUPER easy to get if something breaks or you want an upgrade. SMGs are a little more rare as they don't usually see a lot of action outdoors (at least where I am) so they are more an indoor style gun, but the MP5 is a workhorse for a reason. P90's are nice, but bulky and tend to be a brick and magazines can be finnicky. Again, all personal preference.

Likewise, sniper rifles are not recommended for beginners because it takes a lot of money and time to build it into a weapon that can out distance any other AEG rifle, BUT you lose the capability of follow up shots due to bolt action systems.. unless you go as a Designated Marksman, in which case an AEG will do just fine such as the SR25 or SVD Dragunov... or even the WA2000 :P And yes, a sniper course is required for players who want to use rifles that exceed 400 FPS which is the normal limit at most fields. Regular rifles CANNOT exceed that limit, only snipers who have passed the sniper courses can... and of course that means snipers have a minimum engagement distance (MED) depending on the FPS of their rifle. The higher the FPS the bigger the MED is, which is the distance in which a sniper is not permitted to target a player with their sniper rifle. IE if MED is 120 feet, anyone within 120 feet of the sniper is NOT to be shot with their sniper rifle.

Never used a Magpul I'll leave that to others.

And my dream weapon is the G&G F2000 (and I already own it :P) it's my favourite bullpup style assault rifle. Second is the WA2000 but those are too expensive for me to purchase.

Welcome to the sport, and have fun!


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