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A plethora of noob questions!

Ok! First off I've had my first taste of airsoft and I fear I may even leave my 5 years of paintball behind to start this hobby!

The stickys were very informative and cut my list of noob questions considerably!

1.) I have pm'd an Edmonton AV and will hopefully get that sorted out soon! Is there a way that after I get AV'd that I too could become an age verifier myself in order to help speed up the process?

2.)I've narrowed down the list and I'm interested in opinions on good quality airsoft brands preferably an electronic assault rifle or even SMG, I realize this question is common, however newer and better airsoft weapons are constantly being improved and added, and there seems to be many to choose from.
Ideally if I could get directed to a good site with descriptions of these weapons I could continue my research more accurately.

3.)Many of the forums suggest that sniper rifles are best left to the experienced players, and from what I've read so far I'm assuming it's due to the higher fps that these put out and the min distances that they should be fire from? It would seem spring loaded is the way to go, any brands that are preferred? Also I heard that using one requires a course. Is this true?

4.) I played a few rounds at Quest for Adventure paintball the rental was a magpul (not sure of the model). What are your thoughts on the quality of this brand?

5.) what is your dream airsoft weapon? Everyone usually has something they drool over or are saving up for!

Thanks for all your time and patience!

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