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First gun help/ opinions

Hello all,
I just recently joined this forum and have started the hunt of learning about airsoft. I have been searching a lot in regards to guns etc.

I will have a budget of 500$ and am looking for a M4/C8 or m16/C7 since its what I use in the military now.

So far I have my eye on the WE M4 RIS GBB. And It was on airsoft depot. 380$

With that being said I've researched it seems people upgrade all their internals etc, but I am wondering if this brand and gun is reliable or are their other better brands that I just don't know of.
Also when using the site search it's pretty crappy and never gives anything I'm really looking for.

Things I'd like in a gun: GBB -must , metal body, reliable, c7/c8 style.
I am looking for realism with this so I want to get one I won't be disappointed with.
All help is welcome in terms to good/best brands, reliability, realism.

Thanks guys.
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