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Sometimes the age verifiers don't get the messages sent to them, if that happens with you then visit an airsoft field (in Toronto there is Ultimate Airsoft) or an airsoft store and usually there will be someone there who can verify you. Might be good idea to call ahead to make sure.

As for realism, I would recommend using gas blow back airsoft guns as opposed to electric airsoft guns. Gas guns can be more expensive and their magazines are definitely more expensive than electric gun magazines, but they are much more realistic.

Also sign up for milsim's as they are more realistic than regular skirmishes, and the milsim community is a friendly bunch (from my experiences).

Anyhow welcome to airsoft and have fun.

p.s. - once I met up with an age verifier it took about a month before I was officially verified... so it can take time but definitely worth it.

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