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Originally Posted by Pointy View Post
We are all in the Vancouver area, in the 30-45 age range, and looking to rent for our first time. Any recommendations on where to rent from? What field to play at?

Believe none of us have our own camo or any other "tactical" type clothing, will that be an issue? Can we play in relevantly dark/neutral clothing (assume long sleeve/long pants and good boots)?

Any suggestions or tips for what to bring that wouldn't be typically be supplied with a rental?
Hi Pointy,

Generally a rental includes a primary gun, battery, magazines, and goggles. Sometimes it will also include a chest rig and some BBs, but not always.

Dark clothing is okay to start if you want to see if you're really interested in investing in the sport, generally black or dark green, yes long sleeve and pants (don't come in shorts and a t shirt...) and definitely a pair of good boots.

I play with the LMAG group (, we play at panther paintball in langley and maple ridge paintball. There's also a number of other groups that organize games, the airsoft gear store in richmond plays out of ambush paintball in surrey and they do rentals through the store. Most airsoft rentals are directly through players though. Best bet would be post on one of the local forums that you're looking to come to a game but need rentals for 3-4 people, you'll get replies for sure. Too many of us schmucks who own thousands of dollars worth of airsoft guns even tho we can only use a couple of them ourselves :P

Also check out this post for some more local information:

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