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My take on games:

Game Variables I find entertaining:

1. 3 to 5 “areas of interest” that need to be fought over and points awarded every time a flag is flipped. It forces you to use your personal and team in wider areas and I find it more “strategic” to have to use tactics and teamwork to deny the enemy ground and hence success

2. Random helicopter insertions where a team holds on to a rope and is lead into the AO and used to reinforce a team holding the ground or add to an attack. They cannot be shot at or killed until they fast rope from the line into the fight. Each team has a limited number of times they can use this advantage and a maximum amount of people allowed on the chopper. The chopper can be shot down by designated “Stinger” players put these individuals need to run up and touch the rope, they cannot be shot by the players on the chopper and if he reaches the chopper everyone is dead. There are minimal individuals with stingers and they need to be employed properly. This adds a different dynamic to the game and allows people to get right in the fight to keep the action going for those with limited patience,The adrenaline starts to pump when you can see the reinforcements coming and you need to reorg and change plans quickly.

3. I like the mobile respawn idea, games where you plant a flag that is the area you need to respawn in (groups of 3-5 at a time). Respawning players need to have kill rags on their heads and be within 5 feet of the flag to avoid ambiguity. This spawn can be overrun and captured if an opposing player touches the flag. A team loses their spawn for the next hour of play etc. If over run. Opposing players need to hustle to get the flag and each team needs to defend it. Adds another dynamic and points are given for overrunning a mobile respawn and denying the enemy an advantage. Mobile respawns can be moved but not by players waiting to spawn, only a live player.

4. No matter what a player has a 5 minute bleed out time (Unless medic reaches him) to allow other players to advance and take ground they just denied the enemy

Game Variables I Dislike:

1. I hate collecting cards and searching bodies, I am too busy looking for the next target and trying to gain ground to even bother unless I need to go right past them. Cover and survival is more important to me than searching a dead body for a card

2. Endless medic capability, you should only be able to get medical aid once, before you need to return to base to spawn. This allows for a conclusion to a firefight instead on an endless back and forth. If there is more than a couple of objectives on the field it also gives players a chance to try their luck in another area

3. A back story is nice, but I am not a roleplay/LARP kind of guy, so this is not real important to me. It could be aliens vs zombies and I would not care, as long as the game dynamic was fun and fair and clearly understood

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