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Originally Posted by DBspotter View Post
No I was not present when the discussions were being had at but I was present for the the situations leading up to the meetings. Only when some of the parties were beyond pissed did you guys decide to bring both sides to the table. I was in our CP tent with my CO, 2ic, and one of the field owners before the issue was taken to the front to be discussed, so I have an idea of how displeased everyone was prior to the meet. You guys were slow to react, I didn't say you never did. A stronger and faster presence is required.
We can only react when made aware of the situation. I don't think its fair or you to say we were slow when you were right there in it and we had to wait for the reports to come back of an issue, contact command, arrange a meeting and then execute.

One of the other problems was communicated by you on the radio, screaming for game admin to come solve a problem (hit calling issue I got that much between ranting), not giving an explanation on what was going on, cursing, swearing and then not answering at all when I asked for a location.

You sir, were part of the problem, not part of the solution.

I don't agree with you. We did the best we could and I don't think it was slow at all. You so far are the only person to express this opinion.

Originally Posted by DBspotter View Post
If you don't like my tone it's because you have conjured it up in your own head. I never stated a bias towards one team, but instead it seemed to swing in favor of one team or the other throughout the game. If you guys are going to change things up on the fly make sure it makes sense. You can call your quick game set changes done on the fly part of BATTLESIM but in the field it comes off as bad planning.
I already apologized for our issues in confusing rule-sets. Take it or leave it.
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