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Thanks Kilofive, that was an extremely informative post and I honestly do appreciate it.

Drunkenteddy, yeah I'll definitely be picking up a lower mesh face mask and keep the sides on, its one of the top items of my acquisition list. I don't fancy a BB to the lip or a broken tooth.

That setup looks good, though I think goggles that size might be a little bulky on my face just because my face is on the smaller side. But yeah, I'll definitely be running something similar once I get everything in order and start acquiring the pieces I want/need over the next while.

Yeahhhhhhh more riding buddies!!! Totally forgot about the KTM, definitely looks sweet and would be tons of fun. Spec wise its quite similar to the ninja 300 but I haven't seen one in person yet so I definitely need to find one and sit on it before I lay down the verdict for the KTM. As for the 600, I'm actually quite smooth on the throttle so I honestly wouldn't mind getting one but starting on something smaller just gives me more peace of mind I guess. Rather err on the safer side of things when it comes to motorcycles since a lot can go wrong in very little time. I considered the SV650 as well but its heavier than the 300 and lacking some features the lil'ninja offers (slipper clutch, ABS, etc).

phloudernow, I do plan on working on my own guns as I'm confident in my technical abilities but I do understand an AEG would probably be better so I'm looking into it as well at this point.

The point you raise with hi-caps, I'm not too fond of the hi-cap BB hose playstyle (not sure if you guys play semi only or not), I'm leaning more towards real cap/mid cap, something more on the slightly more limited ammo side for that sense of realism where every shot is valuable and should be placed with thought rather than rambo-ing I guess.

I'll definitely be PM'ing and chatting with most of you guys along with Optix (Should get AV'd as well) and Dave at some point once I have access to my desktop again as I'd quite enjoy talking more with everyone.

Will check out all the fields as well and try to get to know everyone in the local community once I start playing.

Oh a little off topic but out of curiosity, are there any fields similar to CQB Buddy in Japan? (Youtube Didloaded and check out his vids they're pretty cool) Or the warehouse styled fields? I recall seeing a pic on I think a Bellator related FB group with a guy in a warehouse and caption saying something like "potential new field?". Anyone have information on that? I know the only urbanish field is at Richmond Indoor but I've played PB there and I'm not too fond of it just due to how slick the ground was even with my industrial rated nonslip shoes. Oh and if you can't find the field I'm talking about just let me know and I'll find it and link it here.

Anyways, thanks again for welcome guys!

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