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Alright, I'll give it my 2 cents, feel free to agree or disagree, and add/change things - it's why we're doing this.

I think one of the issues here is lack of constant objectives, something to be achieved and held throughout the game. Example, spawn points. I never was a big fan of mobile spawn point, as in my opinion (I may be wrong but it's my opinion) it takes away from life importance and fear of getting shot. You get a buddy to run back with you 50 meters or so and you're right back in the game. Respawns could be seen as reinforcements, and reinforcements arrive, let's say, by air drop or helos. For that you need to have a secured LZ/DZ (read: spawn point). Put a few of these in positions across the field and it gives commanders a constant objective to achieve and hold. It will be up to commanders to decide which ones are more important, which ones to guard and with what manpower to do so, and also gives the opposing force missions to choose and execute on their own, rather than always waiting on direction. Put two different flags there (green and blue, whatever), have a visible place to put the flag up so the passing player can see if this LZ is currently under his control or enemy's. Needless to say, dead person cannot walk up to the LZ, change the flag to his team's, and then respawn. Add set time of reinforcement arrival, every 30 minutes let's say, and give commanders some time constrictions to think about when deciding what time to hit an objective, as he has to plan out his reinforcement arrival.
Have players report every LZ secured to game control, so they can keep track of who holds what at any given point. When a player is dead, he's now out of play and is technically a reinforcement waiting to deploy. Now to avoid players wondering around the field for hours trying to reach spawn points only to discover they're under enemy control, they can radio the team 2IC, as it's his job to deal with casualties, for direction (that doesn't mean giving info on the battle - you're DEAD). In order for a respawn to happen, a minimum number of LIVE troops has to be present on the ground (one, two or more guys, whatever, I'd go with two as it takes minimal manpower taken away for respawn, and a single guy could be lonely and bored), marking and securing the LZ. When it's set, the dead guys can be directed to make their way and "land" there. This system also gives missions to execute (mark and secure LZ/DZ for airborne drop or helo insertion) at commander's discretion. These missions will present themselves every time casualties appear, and they keep the game busy.
If the LZ gets taken by foe during the wait for the 30 minute on the hour mark, the dead bunch can be redirected to another secured LZ and do their drop there, which simulates LZ compromise and mission abort for airborne insertion. Their punishment for failing to secure LZ on the minute mark is now having to wait additional 30 minutes before they come to life (NOTE: if you think 30 minutes is too long, choose your own time, but respawning too often takes away from casualty impact on a team strength).
If ALL the LZ/DZ points are taken by one team, the game control, which keeps track of the points btw, can now inform the losing team that airborne resupply is now unavailable. Game goes on. Dead people from losing team make their way back to game control staging area, and wait. Two things can happen: either the live members of the losing team manage to meanwhile retake a point and the dead people can now make their way there to respawn (again, on the clock), and get back into the fight, or a whole team, killed, shows up (game control knows the number of players on a team) at the staging area, and the game's over.
Important thing for game control, have a game control member present at every drop to ensure fair game (dead people should NOT come to life and fire at the enemy to assist mark/secure team in holding the LZ). Team command must inform game control on which point their drop is going to occur. If you are going with ammo limitations, use air drops for ammo resupply, or to spice up the game, hide a few caches in the field, write the code on them, and if located and identified properly to game staff, the team gets more ammo.
If the game is a 24+ game and people need an area to camp, give each team a FOB, just like in AOW, and to make things better, FOB can be used as a respawn point too, with reinforcements appearing more often (every 15 or 20 minutes let's say), which gives a FOB an importance of ability to rush reinforcements and also an increased ability to defend it. However the FOB should be located at the edge of the map, opposite from the opposing FOB, so respawning there gives little meaning to gaining ground. FOB can still be overrun and if taken by the enemy (enemy puts his flag up, reads a code placed in the centre of the FOB to game control or whatever would symbolize that), its respawn capability is then taken away permanently. The enemy must then leave FOB so the players can still access their tents to sleep, eat etc, but the area is now out of play and has no value to the game. That could then become staging area for the team without spawn points and when whole team shows up dead, game staff can call it.
Game control can still create their missions in order to give certain bonuses, introduce a spy, have them control the bridge for the convoy pass at a set time which if successful gives the team extra ammo or whatever comes to mind, but the constant objectives will keep the game flowing even when GC has nothing on their plate at the moment. In the end, the pace of the game will be controlled by players, not the staff.
If the game comes to end by eliminating all enemy players, just restart the game, but if you have 6-8 spawn points in game, the more you control, the harder it becomes to take the next point, as a) all enemy will be in that area; and b) you now have more points to defend or risk them to be retaken without the fight.
When the end ex time hits, whoever controls more points at that point wins that game! No confusion. Winner is the team with more victories (if the games are ended by elimination), or who controls more DZ at end ex mark. If one team won by elimination earlier, and other team won the end ex, the elimination victory takes over the end ex victory as they actually defeated the enemy.

If you have more to add to fine tune this idea, I'm all ears. Criticism is also welcome, as I'm sure people will pick up things that might not work in real life.
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