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Originally Posted by argyleb View Post
I just started airsoft a few months ago, and man budget is a bit high for a college student like me. I do agree with OP with what he mentioned that good and decent equipment but budget is my main problem. In terms of guns, i'll start with a cheap $150-200 atm and work with it. I don't think I can spare anymore until I get a full time job
The problem there is you'll likely be spending at least that in parts for the gun when it breaks.

Another thing a lot of people forget about cheaper guns is that they often lack the QC. I remember when Krakens were introduced people were recommending them in droves because they were "cheap, TM compatible (mostly), and shot well enough", completely glossing over the fact that for a while they had a ridiculously high failure rate.

So you can buy a cheap gun, but be 100% prepared for the much higher chance that it could break a piston or tappet plate on your first game, the fact that it may not readily accept after market magazines or internal parts, and a host of other issues often associated with cheaper guns (poor wiring, higher internal resistant, poor battery life, etc. -I can game all day on a mini battery in my CA G36. Try that in a cheap clone and see how it works out). You also have to remember that when people say "You can make a $150 gun shoot just as well as a $500 gun", they've probably dumped $400 worth of parts in it and the only part of the cheap gun that's original is the body.

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