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Originally Posted by docholiday View Post
That should be interesting at games with 200+ or even 300+ players. 2-3 hours of introductions 1-2 hours of handshakes... alright good to go.

But I feel like you know who his who with team badges and name tags its not that difficult to make friends and put faces to teams and call signs, just introduce yourself if nobody comes to you and doors will open.
Part of our game briefing actually has an exercise that can be completed buy 200-300 people, but at AOW we didn't have time to execute it. Scarecrow has a very effect 10 minute exercise in engaging players in a social contract that allows them to understand they are there to make the event as fun as possible for the people surrounding them, and not themselves. Others will take care of that.

I am not doing it justice here. Once we run a series of smaller events you will see it in action if you attend. It really adds to the playing experience.
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