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Here are some issues I encountered at AOW.

Originally Posted by DBspotter View Post
1) Game Control was sparse and slow to respond to in game issues. Fast to respond to injuries or health concerns though. In game conflicts were handled half assed and with a biased tone.
You obviously were not present for the TWO times we pulled both sides into the game control area and worked out issues with a trained mediator. If you are going to bash the resolution process, be specific about where it failed. we have a resounding positive reports from players and team leaders on how issues were handled.

Originally Posted by DBspotter View Post
2) Time lines and objective structures were unclear at time, loosely enforced, and changed on the fly to suit one team or the others outcomes. I understand changes must be done on the fly to make the game move along smoothly but it must be done with great caution. Confusion makes the players lose focus.
I don't like your tone in that it suggests bias towards one team of the other. Yes, some of the objectives could have been executed better, totally agree. That was due mainly to a couple of loopholes that Derek and I found in our rule-sets that created ambiguity and confusion.

We decided it was better to move the game forward and smooth things over than call a halt to the game and ruin everyone's morale. Command from both teams were directly involved in that decision. They actually came up with the solutions as mediated by Scarecrow.

If you have a problem with the changes to the event, I suggest you talk to your commanders and ask them about game decisions, as they helped make them during parley.

Originally Posted by DBspotter View Post
3) The secrecy surrounding the teams, structures, etc leading up to the day of the event put a sour taste in my mouth. I had no clue what was going on up until a few days before the event, and I had been signed up well in advance.
Agreed. People didn't know what to do with a more real life operational OPSEC situation. BattleSim will continue this approach, but with some changes to satisfy the requests of players to have more back story and key motivational objectives so they can get behind what their respective teams are doing.

At any rate, this is turning into a great thread, just not about the OPs topic of choice. we are going to have to start another one to focus on Blood Diamond and leave this one as a discussion on hosting.

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