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Originally Posted by bobthemonky
ok i would like to start with =[ ]............... sexy im 13 gest got my g36c a week ago and im thinking about geting the xm8 kit but i want a tac light red dot sight scope and a grenad loncher (sry my spelling sucks) like on XXX state of the unyon (yet agen sry bad spelling) so get back to me if u can and I NEED MAGS!!! so if u can spear or sell 1 plz msg me

This kids is gonna go "rollin" with his gangsta peeps down 16th ave in Calgary and do a little drive bye on some other kids ensuing with the whole thing being broadcast on the news with the headlines Dumb ass gansta shot or arrested by ERT news @ 11

Hey dumb ass you got to be @ least 16 to play with any team out here
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