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While I agree that a game boasting 200 players just would not make sense, but it seems that you have missed the point. The point being friendly faces make for friendly fire fights. Then again how many events boast 200 players every year in Ontario? There is no reason not to introduce yourself to a new face or faces at any skirmish type event. However it's done doesn't really matter but in other sports the teams generally shake hands after the game.

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That should be interesting at games with 200+ or even 300+ players. 2-3 hours of introductions 1-2 hours of handshakes... alright good to go.

But I feel like you know who his who with team badges and name tags its not that difficult to make friends and put faces to teams and call signs, just introduce yourself if nobody comes to you and doors will open.

So far I have only encountered open arms and everybody has helped and was friendly on the field.

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