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Hey guys my names Robert. I'm new to the airsoft community. I used to play speed ball paint ball when I was younger and then kinda grew out of it. Recently noticed that my local paint ball shop started to sell airsoft guns and I started to become more interested. I purchased my first gun about 2 months ago now and I'm kinda regretting the purchase of that gun. It's a lancer tactical m4. Kinda an impulse buy and didn't do much research. And because of that I spent more time with doing research with buying my pistol and just bought an echo1 lonewolf gloc gbb pistol. Me and a couple of buddies from work all got into at the same time. Hopefully soon I'm looking to upgrade my aeg to a mp5. I just really like the gun and noticed that its pretty popular for cqb games. I have yet to go out and play but plan to do so very soon. If anyone has any thought or recommendations regrading my current gun and or my gun of interest feel free to weigh in I can use all the help I can. I'm really looking forward to coming out to some events and meeting some of you guys.

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