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The F2000 is awesome but it gets heavy and the trigger grip is something I'm not used to yet so my hand cramped after my first day using it. The P90 is good from what I hear but magazines tend to be super finicky. MP5's are great SMG platforms, with several butt stock options, various shroud/muzzle options, you can add a rail to mount optics, magazines etc. They are lightweight, and great for indoor and outdoor. P90's are bullpup so you have range and accuracy thanks to the full length barrel coupled with a small body. The trigger is a two stage trigger system, semi auto setting is one full trigger pull, on the full auto setting a half trigger pull will fire a single shot, full trigger pull, full auto. They are also fairly heavy and bulky despite their size, so a sling would be ideal. And as mentioned before, the magazine pouches are expensive, and quite long..... I'm sure you already knew that but hey that's my $0.02.
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