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DBSpotter, you make some good points, can't disagree ( even with the bitter part)

The influx of new players has altered the demographic, and the dynamic in many games. the experience level of many players is low, many have less than 2 seasons under their belt.

The community certainly is much larger that it was when I got started in 2005, and ASC though still a key clearing house for much of what is going on in the community certainly is not the only center of activity.

There are a lot of people stepping in to hosting games , many new venues opening up. All of these things are good for the community at large.

With a community this large there should be room for every kind of game conceivable, and the people who like them to go.

I only offer my observations based on what I have seen work, and not work, on feedback on games I've hosted, and participated in. I'm hooked into many diverse sections of this community I hear feedback from practically every game that happens within 4 hours drive of Toronto. I ask questions, I seek answers. I look for ways to improve game play satisfaction for games that I host.

I've had hits.. and misses, I've had games that people rave about and some that people were bitterly disappointed in. I've learned what people like and want, and I try to deliver exactly that.

I don't have all the answers, but I have some of them. I think.
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