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"They are looking for intense fighting experiences without the need for arithmetic or ledger-keeping, even very simple game dynamic elements that require attention to specific items such as kill cards are often lost on the players of today"

To address the criticism about the card system being too complex:

The cards are presented to the diamond seller who is a game actor. The cards set the maximum amount of diamonds someone can carry, so there is no interpretation by the player - so even if you can't add or subtract, you won't be interpreting that number as a player or doing anything complicated with it. So I fail to see why the cards are complicated.

When Blood or Diamonds (B&D) are turned in, they are given to game staff who add the B&D count into a spreadsheet - again, game staff, not players. My experience with Trifecta shows this was simple, took any scoring complexity away from the players and provided an instant comparable in game score.

Details on how scoring will work.

As people turn in their B&D, its put into a spreadsheet and will appear on both sides of the field at the buyer and seller points on an LCD monitor. There will be individual scores, group scores (for those who register a group) and team scores. The score is updated live as B&D are turned in. We've even thought up a way to broadcast it on a website so you can log in and look at the scores live from the internet.

We found this immediacy of feedback at Trifecta created game intensity as people throttled up and down their performance because they saw real time rewards and penalties for various behaviours - that game dynamic was totally unexpected and it was priceless.

Brian, I don't think you can categorically say that this type of gameplay is no longer saught after by this generation of airsofter - thats painting too many people with the same brush.

As for Milsim - thats what YOU as a player make it when you're playing in the field. If you want to run a SOG group or some type of secret squirrel society and plan out how you're going to run your group, fill your boots. Similarly those who want to run loosey-goosey can do so as well. So it creates a playing environment for everyone and doesn't cater to one type or another. And given the way people bail on games at the last minute these days, I am disinclined to run a game that caters to anyone in particular, precisely for that reason.
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