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First AEG, make it a quality M4. You can buy them in a vast variety of barrel lengths, and stock/modified configurations. The only thing that they are limited for, is the folding stock design - this is related to the real steel design where the buffer tube holding the stock is part of the firing/recoil mechanism of the rifle. Of all the rifles out there, there is a staggering amount of parts out there for M4's, to make it all your own. Magazine commonality with the most common rifle on the field, means your team-mates can pitch you a magazine should you run out in the middle of a fire-fight.

If you stick with airsoft long enough, you'll get a hankering for a second primary.. once you know enough on the field, and have tryed out other player's rifles for size and fit (most are very obliging if you ask nicely to try their shiney toy out for size) and have a better idea of where you want to go in terms of game-play - that is the time to specialize. Take note of my sig line.. i've got several that you've mentioned .. but the M4 is still my favorite 3 years on.

It all comes down to what turns your crank .. not what others would recommend.

Originally Posted by slowbird View Post
I'm looking for some suggestions on Makes/Models of AEGs. (I'm posting in the Newb tank to try and limit the responses to constructive ones)

I would love an M14 or a FAL but I think they are too big/heavy for me at this time and will hold off for now.

I tried a couple metal AK's as well as a Thompson. All seemed a tad too long to properly shoulder, and all were too heavy.

I tried a G&G UMP and it fit very well, but the mags do seem a little long, but worst of all I only hear bad things about their internals.

I tried an G&G TGM A5/MP5 and that also seemed to fit well.

I can't seem to find anyone that sells the MP5K new. I think that might fit me nicely.

I don't need a metal gun.
It doesn't need to be CQB friendly as I prefer pistols for that.
Retractable stock would be nice.

Any suggestions thoughts questions and observations welcome.
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