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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I have been using an Orga barrel with MDD hopup for a few months now. I can not say I love it, it took some work to replace the adjuster and get it so-so. Factory it was unusable, the adjuster was glued in place.

Currently range is good, out to 275 feet at 385 fps, but the ballistic window is about 6 feet. It hasn't improved really in the last few thousand rounds. I have some ideas regarding that. If FCC copied MDD, they will suffer similar results. I should try that Orga on a traditional chamber.
The MDD have some issues on its own mine broke after install. the new FCC Hop is a collaboration with Orga its similar to MDD but still quite different, enough to warrant it's own trademark patent. Orga barrels are awesome i have one of their shorty barrels on my TW5 its freakin lasers, wait till u see the new barrels.

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