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AEG suggestions for newb

I'm looking for some suggestions on Makes/Models of AEGs. (I'm posting in the Newb tank to try and limit the responses to constructive ones)

I would love an M14 or a FAL but I think they are too big/heavy for me at this time and will hold off for now.

I tried a couple metal AK's as well as a Thompson. All seemed a tad too long to properly shoulder, and all were too heavy.

I tried a G&G UMP and it fit very well, but the mags do seem a little long, but worst of all I only hear bad things about their internals.

I tried an G&G TGM A5/MP5 and that also seemed to fit well.

I can't seem to find anyone that sells the MP5K new. I think that might fit me nicely.

I don't need a metal gun.
It doesn't need to be CQB friendly as I prefer pistols for that.
Retractable stock would be nice.

Any suggestions thoughts questions and observations welcome.
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