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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Q) Do you know what they do every May?

A) Pull over everyone with a fender eliminator/moved plate/changed signals and give them a fixit ticket. If you're sporting a N you don't want that.
I was being facetious cause those are considered hooligan bikes (have you seen the official promo videos and marketing from KTM?) but seriously though are fender kits illegal? I was under the impression and had 2 ICBC certified instructors tell me that fender kits are totally legal as long as they're DOT approved and the signal lights can still be seen (there are bikes that people toss on like a Baja street kit and ICBC does inspections on them and approves them for road worthiness). I know you usually run into problems with the second part of the requirement and have to relocate lights.

I know that tucked plates are definitely illegal though.

What about Harleys? I know some of the Dyna's (possibly other models) have "flip to side" plate mounts. It's an OEM location (and they're approved for import by Registrar of Imported Vehicles/Transport Canada) but could be seen as being moved by a regular beat cop who isn't totally into bikes and will know that Harleys are different.
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