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Well over the last year I've heard some pretty weird shit, i thought i've heard them all being in this hobby for so long but lately I've heard some pretty funny shit that will make you ask what kind of fine crack these guys been smoking.

here is some example:

- owner of a new 2012 Evolution bitching on why should he pay $200 for a new motor to replace his DOA Systema motor and why I can't just give him the FCC motor as a warranty.......I'm not a Systema dealer is one clue
- Email from some guy in Oklahoma wanting to know if FCC Hop can give him a range advantage of 800ft like some of the other guys running PTW........I'm like WTF???? 800ft???
- another one is someguy wanting to claim warranty for his electronics after he fried them sumerging his CTW using FCC electronics, he claimed that he read it on an airsoft forum that say FCC is waterproof........Proofed to him that the article clearly state even though the boards are moisture proof (light rain foggy, humid, wet) not recommended to be submerged
- Some guy bitching that the retailer (no longer in business) say that the PTW don't need maintainance (the gun was not maintained for 6 years), the gearbox grease was so dry that it solidify, the only reason he went to get this fix was because his cylinder seized, his orings crumbled like dust because it was so dry and there was enough scoring in the cylinder from foreign particles that I was surprised this gun actually could fire.
- Another Idiot that belief cleaning his PTW includes spraying liquid silicone spray everywhere.

Now I know why you got out of gun doc PTW Brad, some of the shit I've heard and seen in the last year make me wonder WTF are these guys smoking?.

So that we are still on topic the new HOP up design for FCC, no more hop key to lose

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