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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
the new AOR don't need Hop up mod (its already modded)
I'd like to see this.

- Having a FCC or a PTW does not give you ridiculous range as some has claimed, effective engagement range on these things are around 250-300ft
I think most people would be tickled to get that kind of range out of any gun, but it is not hard to do with the TW platform.

- Having FCC or PTW does not make you a better shooter but a properly tuned PTW/FCC will make it easier
I disagree. When your gun is clean, maintained and fit for service (just like any gun, real or airsoft), it will perform consistantly. Then you, as a shooter, know your gun, can predict how it will perform and know where your rounds are going. That makes you a better shooter.

- HAving a PTW/FCC is not maintainance free, it does require maintainance just like any other precision machinery
From a performance perspective, all your maintenance is concentrated in the cylinder. The time and costs are extremely minimal, perhaps $2/year in lube and 20 minutes of your time per cylinder, if you are heavy on the trigger.

From a PM standpoint, a gearbox relube every 1-2 years, takes about 30 minutes, and about $3 in lube at most.

It is highly unlikely that you will suffer a broken component, it happens, but really is rare.

- PTW/FCC are expensive toys, toys do break and parts for them are expensive when compared to conventional airsoft platforms any beliefs or expectation that these things last forever are not true and probably the biggest pile of shit you can walk on.
If you are breaking PTWs like matchsticks, there is no airsoft gun safe. If you are breaking internal components, there is something very wrong. If a PTW breaks gears, or you fry electronics, with a very small number of exceptions, it is user error.

You can't fix carelessness nor stupidity, and you can never engineer against destructive.
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