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Originally Posted by beta678 View Post
Thanks for the offer DrunkenTeddy. Love R6's, sweet bike, but a 600 is probably too much power for me at this point. Still a MC noob; took PRS a little while back and planned on picking up a Ninja 300 as a starter but decided to wait cause I was worried about it having various issues and quirks with it being a new bike and all (Glad I did as it just had a ABS and ECU recall lol). Will most likely end up with a 300 to start with and move up. Oh and paying for insurance won't make me cringe as much for a 300 haha :P
Dude, we can be riding buddies. I'm relatively new to riding as well. I took my course at Proride in Capilano. Got all the gear but no bike yet (that new 2014 KTM Duke 390 looks like the perfect first bike for me, nice torquey single and perfect for being a hooligan on, get a fender eliminator and tuck in that license plate.... ... not that I'd stunt everywhere though...).

Good call on the 600 but do realize that if you're easy on the throttle and responsible you won't get into too much trouble (also look at the power curves as well, a Boulevard 109 isn't the same as a race replica R6 or R1, hell the SV650 is IMO a perfect first bike if you want to get a middle weight right away).

Anyways back on topic; I didn't realize that Schoolboy (his name is David (Dave) C.) was one of the guys at Trigger, he's a good guy for sure and contributes a lot to the community, haven't played with him much because he used to go to Bigfoot rather than Panther but the couple of times I met and talked to him he's a good guy. Definitely check them out as well.
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