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Many people are fond of GBBRs but if you are just starting out airsoft, I'd still recommend an AEG. GBBRs are limited in terms of after market parts within the BC area as stores do not carry that many repair parts for Gas guns. Obviously if you plan to work on your own guns and whatnot then that is another story.

Trigger hosts games every second sunday at Panther Paintball with Sign in and Prep at 9am and games start by 10. 20 Dollars if you sign up on their forum and 25 for drop in. It includes lunch as well (Hotdog and Fries and a can of pop)

ASG is great with Optix but Dave at Trigger is also great guy to talk to if you don't know. Ask for Dave (Schoolboy is his ASC name i think) he's a great guy to chat to and he knows his stuff well. He also the primary gun doc at Trigger as well.

GBBRs are not that popular in BC compared to the east coast. majority of players still run AEGs with hi-caps due to majority of players being quite new and fresh. Milsig might carry a few but they are notorious for their extremely high prices, and Trigger nor ASG carry them from what I know besides GBB pistols and SMGs.

In terms of fields and whatnot as many of the other guys mentioned above, we play at Panther or Ambush usually. There are games in Mission and whatnot but if you want to drive that far by all means anyway Gimmie a PM if you want to chat

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