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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post

Is the wait for a FCC still months?

I asked this question on another thread about the PTW. Does the PTW really need the hop mod?
FCC CNC platform is still on hold, FTW and others are being released I have in stock 2 AOR 416D, FTW are inbound at customs, the new AOR don't need Hop up mod (its already modded)

just a little advice to dismiss any myth about FCC or PTW
- Having a FCC or a PTW does not give you ridiculous range as some has claimed, effective engagement range on these things are around 250-300ft
- Having FCC or PTW does not make you a better shooter but a properly tuned PTW/FCC will make it easier
- HAving a PTW/FCC is not maintainance free, it does require maintainance just like any other precision machinery
- PTW/FCC are expensive toys, toys do break and parts for them are expensive when compared to conventional airsoft platforms any beliefs or expectation that these things last forever are not true and probably the biggest pile of shit you can walk on.

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