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I feel like I want to avoid goggles with paintball masks due to the bulk and inability to cheekweld the stock. I thought about grabbing a mask for the goggles but quite a few of the goggles are kinda "raised" to line up with the mask which makes it a little bigger from the examples I've seen.
I've attached a picture of my mask, it is a paintball mask with the lower removed and a mesh lower zap strapped on in its place. I also have 2 small fans mounted on top for air flow, they are connected to a rechargeable battery with a switch. This seems to be a very common setup for guys around here. I definitely wouldn't recommend using the lower portion of a paintball mask, they are generally too bulky and they do get in the way, but I find the combination of a paintball upper half and a mesh airsoft lower seems to work quite well. My cheek is almost pressed against the mesh allowing me to get as close to the sights as possible without leaving the lower half of my face exposed. Some people also modify the mesh lower by cutting the sides of it off so they can get even closer, but I prefer that the bottom half of my face stay protected, nothing like being shot in the mouth...
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