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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post

Theres games out there right now, that look to be good but im waiting for the rosters to get bigger if im going to commit to a high priced game. And with that train of thought games get cancelled or have low turn outs because of peoples hesitation.
Exactly, if everyone waits to see if the roster fills up before committing, obviously the roster is never going to fill up.

Known hosts who have put on solid games with great players satisfaction rarely have any issues filling the rosters.. Case in point, Nightmare 2 -- put on by force recon earlier this year sold out in a week

New hosts often bite off more than they can chew -- post a huge game .. and then have to curtail their plan when they get a lackluster response.

Start small, build your audience, and once you have a solid rep in the existing active community, do the big game
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