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I had started a longer post, and f'd it up, so here's the Coles Notes (sorry).

1. ASG / Bellator host games at Ambush Paintball every Sunday. You can drop in, but I recommend signing up via the ASG site and save $5. Ambush is a smaller field and it gets pretty "target rich" - more of a run and gun style of play.

2. Trigger Airsoft / Tacticooles host games at Panther Paintball every second Sunday. This is field is a huge forested area with tall grass (in summer) and allows for a more strategic style of play.

3. There are three shops that I'm familiar with in the area that are airsoft-dedicated (though there may be more that "also-sell" airsoft stuff): Airsoft Gear, Trigger Airsoft, and Milsig. I have my preferences which I'll happily share via PM, though I still recommend checking out all three.

4. As mentioned by others already, I'd recommend an AEG as your first gun. They are better in cooler weather (since we play all year round), are very reliable, and allow you to remain competitive. I only state the last part because most GBBRs are more limited in the amount of rounds you can carry. (eg: 30rnd gas mags, vs 120rnd mid-caps for AEGs).

5. Both Panther and Ambush field require full-seal goggles rated for paintball or ballistic standards. Any of the airsoft shops mentioned above will carry goggles that are field-legal. Try out a bunch and see what works best for you. I use Smith OTW Turbo Fan AND I use anti-fog wipes; this seems to be an acceptable combination.

6. I'd also recommend grabbing a mesh lower-face mask as well to protect your teeth. Yes, it will interfere with good cheek placement on the rifle, however airsoft is a game... and teeth are expensive.

7. Apart from the airsoft and surplus shops, you can probably find good used gear on Craigslist or on this board. Chances are you will change your kit as you play more and decide what works best for you. One person's favourite set-up may be complete sh*t for someone else, so there's a fair amount of trial and error... unless you're going for a sim look which is a whole different ballgame.

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy gaming!

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