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Hey Kasrkin, thanks for the info, good to know they run well. If you don't mind my asking, which GHK model do you own? I read some negative reviews about the AKS-U and a few things quirks with the AK74 but the AKM's seem to operate relatively flawlessly. Oh and I may wait a while before grabbing a GHK if I do. According to the TAF facebook page GHK is reproducing their GBBR AK's due to popular demand and it looks like there's quite a few new variants, tacticool'd versions, and RPK (!!!) that are going to be available, check it out:

*Actually on second thought, those seem to be TAF customized GBBR's... but still, gives a good idea what you can do with them.

Oh and about the mags, I knew about the loctite but magazine filing is something I missed. Is it with the GHK mags or 3rd party like the prowins?

Aj619 I feel like I want to avoid goggles with paintball masks due to the bulk and inability to cheekweld the stock. I thought about grabbing a mask for the goggles but quite a few of the goggles are kinda "raised" to line up with the mask which makes it a little bigger from the examples I've seen (might be completely wrong about this, correct me if I am). But thanks for the heads up about testing the system, actually forgot about that and was thinking about ordering a set of goggles online without trying them on.

Thanks for the offer DrunkenTeddy. Love R6's, sweet bike, but a 600 is probably too much power for me at this point. Still a MC noob; took PRS a little while back and planned on picking up a Ninja 300 as a starter but decided to wait cause I was worried about it having various issues and quirks with it being a new bike and all (Glad I did as it just had a ABS and ECU recall lol). Will most likely end up with a 300 to start with and move up. Oh and paying for insurance won't make me cringe as much for a 300 haha :P

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