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Balance is required in defining the sides.. and conditions of play, there are ways to bring elements into a game that can address issues of imbalance. that is for the game host and came control to monitor.

I agree that it is no fun getting slaughtered constantly, neither is it fun to stack up against an inferior force and dominate them. The are 100% true statements.

Trying to dominate and failing, being fought to a standstill, and having to come up with a new plan is what you want both sides to be doing from a game control standpoint.

It's like paying big dollars to see a live UFC matchup.. and having the fight end in a knockout in the 1st round. Great outcome for one guy. lousy for the other and everyone kinda feels a little ripped off.

what you wanted was a long fight, where the advantage went from one guy to the other and you were never sure who was going to win.

well designed and executed games should come off that way.
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