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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Regardless ..
I don't want to have to hang out until all the beans are counted to find out who "won"

I used to feel the same way, only because it was obvious who "won" by the end of the game. On both sides of those outcomes its not fun.

Its not fun to crush your enemies so bad they pack it in half way. and Its not fun getting killed over and over again that theres no point in even trying.

Thats why having multiple ways of counting up points and "winning" the game prevents that.

I bring up wolfpack's jaguar kings milsim alot. But it was basically vets vs noobs. With firefights noobs were at a disadvantage. But there were all these side missions that if completed gave us points. So there was always something to keep us motivated and in the game even if we might have been losing the fighting part.
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