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Will definitely be looking into ESS and Revision, read lots of good stuff about them plus fans are always welcomed (fogged goggles suck. alot.)

Didn't know converse made combat boots L473ncy, peaks my interest as I'm rather fond of my high-tops lol. Boots I'll definitely need to try and see which I like based on comfort and overall profile (don't want clown feet lol) so finding a pair I like might take a while. The pair of boots I'm trying to ID were worn by a CCT in a pic I found on a blog. All I know is its somewhat on the slimmer side and had vibram soles. Don't have the pic with me atm but I'll post it up when I find it again.

Lol DrunkenTeddy, I hope that doesn't happen to my motorcycle boots haha. Mine are sorta sitting in my closet until I get a bike sometime next spring. What do you ride if you don't mind my asking.

ASG and a bunch of ppl are busy w/ Op Iceback I believe (going off on memory), website said something about it but I'm actually out of country atm and won't be back til mid September so no rush there.

Once again, thanks guys.

(oh and thanks for moving the thread to newb tank Drake, honestly wasn't sure if it belonged in general or newb tank but thought the former was safer lol)
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