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Hey guys, thanks for the replies! Appreciate the time and thought put into them. I hope I'm not coming off as a noob who wants to be spoonfed information, not my aim at all. I've gone through lots of reviews on various products but basically I'm just looking for some general opinions and input from anyone who cares to offer theirs.

Anyways, I'll definitely be heading down to ASG sometime to check it out and maybe get AV'd as well but that probably won't happen until September or so. Would probably help to feel the ergo's of some of the gun's I'm interested in as well.

I know GBBR's are somewhat limited by weather and significantly affected by the cold so I most likely would be grabbing an AEG as well at some point, maybe before a GBBR now that I think about it (though I still think they sound and feel like sewing Mags I understand are pretty pricey compared to AEG's and might require a bit of work to make them run smoothly but I'm not too concerned about that at this point. I don't expect to run that many mags either, I'm thinking 4 mags would probably satisfy me with 1 in the gun and 3 on on a chest rig.

As for other gear, I echo many of your sentiments. I'd invest in boots and goggles and one of those low profile mesh face masks and the rest can come later. I won't bother asking about goggles etc as I know there's tons of reviews out there, though I might need help id'ing a pair of boots (my google-fu has failed me). I'll probably do a bit more research with regards to gear as I haven't spent a lot of time considering the options, though I find I'm rather fond of TMC's Slick plate carrier and the Mittsu chest rig I found on EBairsoft (yes I know EBairsoft is sketchy on shipping), not sure if it'd fit my needs though.

Anyways, thanks again and I'll hopefully see you guys on the field soon!
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