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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
But is killing for points really MilSim?
no it's's an easter egg hunt, and as productive as masturbation

the only reason to shoot anyone is to reduce available resources to the enemy. you drop a body, that is 1 less body that can shoot at you, or defend a location or carry a message, or radio an observation. You kill a commander you deny their influence on the field. Arbitrarily assigning "points" to random people is just another pointless object to chase.

Points are meaningless. when I'm involved in playing a game, I want to know right away if i'm "winning" by observing that the faction I am on has freedom of movement, ample ammo, and enough bodies up and moving that missions can be accomplished.

I want to see that the opposition is struggling to deploy, are not able to present enough firepower to deny my mobility, and are holding or falling back rather than advancing.

If I'm commanding, I have a care for everyone on my side, I want to drive the other side from the field, demoralize them and and force them to retire. The more guys I see getting fed up and packing their toys and leaving on the other side, the better. That tells me that their command is faltering, they can no longer motivate people to fight and it's now turning into a rout.

And I want the other commander to be trying to do the same thing to me.

It should be up to game control to be monitoring the flow of the game to re-balance things so that successes don't turn into a rout, and result in a lot of players quitting the fight.

Regardless ..
I don't want to have to hang out until all the beans are counted to find out who "won"
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