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I have similar expectations for all games. A good time, no hassles, clear objectives, fair play.

One Day Game- objectives in line with the time available, often one day games bite off too large a plan,

Two Day Game- appropriate operational pace,( not too fast not too slow, and with time for rest) and a "broader" scale of operation. objectives that lead into one another, a bit more back story to provide context .

Night Game very clear objectives and focused use of the venue, not too much time wandering around in the dark without purpose.

Indoor event Short quickly resolved scenarios, and rapid turn around. Limited respawn scenarios. FAST intense action

Cost $25- standard fee for any event less than 8 hours duration-- don't expect a lot of investment in props

Cost $50- Standard fee for games longer than 8 hours- if less than 24, should see some investment in props, pyro

Cost $100 - reasonable fee for a 24 hour game at a large venue that will require a game control staff, and investment in props, pyro and safety systems

Cost $200 and up- infrastructure, built up areas, vehicles , NPCs a fully developed back story. had better get a ride on a APC
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