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Some random thoughts. Each note applies to the items below it too by the way.
  • One Day Game Starting on time, if field BBs are required then they are of good quality, Understandable rules, some sort of first aid station or person.
  • Two Day Game Parking & camping, a few shitters, stuff going on at night.
  • Night Game Well marked boundaries, night scenarios.
  • Indoor event Safe venue, safe obstacles if temporary.
  • Cost $25 A challenging and interesting scenario.
  • Cost $50 Something to take away, a patch, special kill rag, etc.
  • Cost $100 Really well organized, realistic props and more than just one or two neutral staff to monitor the game.
  • Cost $200 and up A scenario vehicle or helo to insert or extract, "Wow!" scenario, if pyro is a feature the players get to use it, not just the guy running the game, features that are unique and not just some scrub bush that no one's logged yet.
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