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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Thats an interesting perspective that I've struggled with as what you described sounds like an advanced skirmish.

I took Trifecta and reduced the ruleset and the card set. You only have money to buy, decks of cards and the diamonds. I thought that simplified it enough.

Let me ponder your feedback on it.

I disagree with that part. I've watched players and teams play passionately to win based on all kinds of measures, including the current group.

if that is the only game presented that is the game people will play, some people play every game passionately.

Resource management is critical to an effective Military simulation. but the resources have to Mean something and have a real effect on your ability to fight. Failure to manage the resources should result in significant negative impact on the ability of that faction to fight. When you are loosing.. it's obvious.. you can't deploy resources . you are short people and short Ammo.

I've used Kill cards in the past.. and as a symbol of "lives" it's effective.. but they should only "mean" something to the carrier.. if he starts with 3 .. then that means that they have 3 opportunities to be deployed outside of the base. If he get all three cards taken, then he can't leave the perimeter of the base without risk of being captured. Possession of a Kill card is your" respawn" license. If you are caught by the enemy without a card, you are captured. A time penalty would apply, you could be held out of the game for a specified period by game control as a "prisoner" impacting in a very real way your commander's ability to deploy resources.

For example, lets say you have a game with 30 people on a side.. which is a pretty typical situation for a "weekend game" Lets say you provide those people with 3 "lives" .. effectively you have provided each commander with a resource pool of 90 people. that can be deployed in "outside the wire" missions.

Then you grant a ammo loadout-- for the side of ten thousand rounds. for that commander to distribute.

This sets the resource side of the equation.

Then you put in place your objectives. Lets say that one objective is a forward ammunition dump of the enemy. If the objective is taken, you could grant an additional Ammo supply to the victor of 5000 rounds ..

Lets also say .. that you set a territory to be held objective, because you have to push your front far enough forward to establish a forward aid station for you faction. If you are successful you can establish the forward aid station and get a grant of additional "lives" for your faction.

Lets set a very common objective, but provide it with relevance.. Lets say you have to seize a communication tower. Place a small box on the prop. with a lock.. give each commander a key. put inside that box a frequency .. or a codeword phrase that "unlocks" a resupply drop. If you fail to capture the objective, no resupply. Even better.. you unlock the box.. and find a coded message.. which you have to call in to game control to receive a decode key. all the while you must Hold the objective.

you can make the objectives as complex as "puzzly" as you want.. but all of the objectives must play back into the resource pool. Bullets and Lives.

at the end of the game it will be obvious to everyone who "won" the successful faction will have access to resources, be able to deploy outside their base .. the loosing force will be low on ammo and placed on a defensive posture because they lack the "lives" to deploy to the field.

from a game control basis.. you have the absolute power the inject balance .. and to poke the game in whatever direction you want by presenting objectives that can restore the resource balance.

For example, if you have a side that is struggling.. and running short you can present an opportunity for them to recover by presenting a mission that if completed audaciously will provide a high payoff in resources and get the faction "back in the game"

What you end up with is a game that is distinctly "mission based" focused on real resources and very demanding from a command basis to manage and control the deployment of resources. Every fight will be about real needs and have a real impact on the outcome of the game in real terms.

if that is not "milsim" I don't know what is..
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