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I've heard the GHK AK's are great GBBR's, but since maintenance was one of your first concerns you may want to lean towards aeg's, considering we are near the end of summer GBBR's are going to start working worse in a couple months and if you don't have an aeg to fall back to you may end up going to a game and not really being able to play.

I live in Langley and have played with the LMAG guys, they do games once a week on either Saturdays or Sundays and at either Panther Paintball or Maple Ridge Paintball. The ASG guys currently play most Saturday nights and Sundays during the day at ambush paintball in surrey, if you check out both forums you will see game times. There are also a ton of smaller clubs and some fields that host their own airsoft games.

Personally I rely on ASC for knowledge and questions, as well as the classifieds. The local group forums are usually best for organizing games though, not many BC games get posted here.

I'd suggest doing what Latency suggested and seeing the ASG store in Richmond, get age verified and check out the classifieds, there are some pretty good deals to be had.

As for gear, the camo you wear is generally a personal preference but considering the fields here you probably want to go with something green like olive drab, cadpat, woodland, etc.. Military stores are great for this, lots of options and there will be something to suit your taste. Make sure you get a good pair of boots or your ankles will take a beating. For eye protection, don't cheap out and fans are a good thing, the worst is spending an entire game with foggy goggles cause you can't take them off to clean them on the field. And don't forget to buy a red kill rag (red bandana works well and is easy to find). I'd also recommend a radio and headset, ASG sells the puxing 888 UHF radio, this is what I use and the range is fantastic. As for a rig, keep it light but get something you can change down the road, molle is highly recommended, and a hydration pack is a nice to have or you could throw a bottle of water into a bag.

Hope to see you out there sometime. :-)
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