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$100 24hr game, honestly I'd like to see a discount for people coming from out of province lol
Things to freaking DO during the night. IR laser triggered explosions, night fighting, infiltration, but mostly IR laser triggered explosions like we had at KS2.5
Have something for snipers to do, get them to shoot out some light bulbs to make taking over a camp easier or something, make those jerks useful lol

Really just need dynamic gameplay with a few solid objectives. Have objectives to complete that have props, typically involving explosions or fire. But dynamic gameplay so if things get stale you can throw in a hostage rescue or a freak airstrike to balance teams.

One of the best 24hr games I've been to was a private game hosted by SWATT in Brooks, and there was a ton of shit to find, objectives to complete, things to piece together, etc
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