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I know the guy who runs ASG, his name is Optix (he's also an Age Verifier so stop by and check things out). Good guy. Has more stuff in his store than what he advertises online, has something for almost everyone (unless you're hardcore into playing and want to buy an FCC PTW but he does carry a G&D "DTW" and I believe can get the A&K "PTW"). Pretty much low end starters (not crosman clearsoft, but legit starter guns like JG, KA, etc.) to mid end players is what he caters to.

I'm out in Kits/Dunbar/Kerrisdale area at the moment but I'll be gone out of town this weekend and the week after that I'm moving provinces.

If you're going to get a GBBR I believe WE (Open Bolt) is still king and has the widest support for GBBR's but from what I understand the WA system (G&P WOC, WA, Inokatsu etc.) does give more kick but is a pain to maintain due to parts breaking left and right. The KJW AR's are nice and easy to maintain but there isn't much upgradeability to them other than a few parts here and there but you can just run it out of the box and have at it.

I'd still recommend an AEG though and I know that ASG has a pretty good selection and reasonable prices, and you can drop by when Optix is there to get Age Verified.

As for basic gear; eyepro, high ankle boots (I'd say minimum 6" so you don't roll your ankle), and some basic surplus OD BDU's from a place like Gorillas on Broadway near Commercial. Everything else is just extra and makes things easier for you. For example for a couple games I was running mags in my BDU pockets, it's a legitimate tactic for high speed slim profile but mag changes are a bit hard cause you have to open the pocket switch mags and put your spent mag somewhere. I'd say after you get your basic PSE (Personal Safety Equipment) the next couple things are BDU's, chestrig (or vest or panel), and a couple useful pouches (dump pouch, utility pouch, medic pouch, etc.).

BTW; you seem like a decent guy, PM me if you need any help (but please search first).
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