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The Rush Hour series hosted by Renegade) completely disputes your POV Brian. Its a points based game with items and intel that are seized in the field. Its been running for 2 years and he has lots of attendance and almost no issues as you outlined. People didn't lose their cards or any of the items they were required to keep track of.

In fact the lack of a solid story line was one of the most voiced complains at Art Of War.

I think it's a bit early to give up on complex events just yet.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

Players will remember the fights they had, the experiences, the intensity of emotion and stress in the moments that stand out for them. These things they may talk about even years later. They won't remember how many diamonds they had in their pouch at the end of the game.
True, but those experiences come from game strategies that PUTS them in those firefights, and its keeping those assets that makes the engagements passionate enough to remember. I will go one further and say that a manufactured firefight or force on force contact at a skirmish, with nothing at stake, is not remembered at all. Its the spontaneous engagements that happen when an event is well structured but free enough to allow out of the box thinking that get talked about afterwards for years.

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