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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Zulu, you went about this all wrong, you should have first introduced yourself to ASC members in your neck of the woods in person, shown them what you are about and gotten them to back you
Well it's too late for that now, isn't it. Work with what he's offering.

They'll be attending another event, so just wait and see what people have to say.

I will be attending, Op Iceback so if anyone is there or lives local come down talk to me, perhaps you will see then the passion i have for this venture and the vision i have for the future, if you don't like what you see or hear don't come. You will then have lost nothing!
Exactly that.

Originally Posted by Zulu 1 View Post
You will be expected to operate as a team, you may not be with your regular team mates.
Not sure if that's just poorly worded, but that's a potential deal breaker for me. If I travel and pay that amount for an event, I expect to be with my team. I understand my might be grouped up with other people/teams, or that very large teams may have to be broken into two groups, but IMO every effort should be made to keep people from teams together.

This is probably doubly true for the really milsim-minded teams.

I fully understand that we have appeared from nowhere, asking for money


I am forcing no-one just looking for folks to join me on the ride.


P.s no i have not catalogued everything you will get, this is not a disney experience, leave something to open on the day!

Conversely, I think you also have to keep in mind this community has seen its share of shysters, big ideas that never materialize, "big events" that failed to deliver, etc. So while it may not be the case for you, people here are weary of strangers especially for stuff like this.

Likewise its not unreasonable for people to want to know what they're paying for, as a consumer I'm certain you understand this.

This will be the last time i post fully on here, i'm currently working 18/19hr days missing the time from my kids trying to get things together.
While I understand you may not want to have to reply to every comment being made, you should nonetheless keep an open line of communication with the community if you have any hope of having people from here attend your events.

Additionally, you should probably make and maintain a proper event announcement thread in the Games & Events section instead of having it buried in this one.
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