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Questions about Vancouver's airsoft scene and gear

Hey ASC,

Been a long time lurker here on the forum (lots of great stuff here lol) but never really got into airsoft since legal restrictions and various other things back when I joined the forum didn't really make airsoft here seem that appealing despite my interest in it. But with the recent changes in regulations and what seems to be a growing presence of the sport in the region, it seems like a good time to finally take a step towards actually getting into the sport and local airsoft community.

Now I know about LMAG's site but ASC seemed like a better place to post and ask questions due to the larger community and wealth of knowledge so here goes..

First things first, for those of you in the Metrovancouver region I was wondering how things work around here. I have a feeling LMAG is the main group organizing games but I'm not too sure as I also know of Bellator Ent., UBC's airsoft club and a few local stores like Airsoft Gear Vancouver & Trigger airsoft organizing games according to their FB/store/forum pages. Basically trying to figure out who to approach/get information from regarding games. Quite sure a few of you guys work with the local airsoft groups/industry here so hopefully you guys can help a noob out.

Secondly, what would you guys recommend I acquire as a "first" primary based on factors such as ease of maintenance, parts availability, etc... I'm rather fond of GBBR's such as GHK's AK variants & their G5 somewhat but have also been looking into G&P's WOC-X kits (sr15 w/ KAC URX 3 would be a fun build). I have a feeling some people may suggest an AEG due to ease of maintenance but I'm pretty sure I'm technically proficient enough to keep a GBBR up & running. Open to other suggestions though, not set on any specific weapon platform.

And to round things off, what would you guys recommend kit wise? (ie. chest rigs, PC's, BDU's, boots, etc) I know this depends on play style, personal preference but this seems to be the one area I never really looked into or thought about too much. Quite open to suggestions though I'd lean towards a high speed/mobility, lower profile fighting load-out sorta kit, nothing too bulky. Not looking to spend that much in this area initially though so no uber secret squirrel branded operator gear lol.

Think that's it for now, though pretty sure I'm forgetting a question or two which I'd add later. Anyways, thanks in advance!

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