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Gentlemen i'm going to address you all but no-one in particular, I'm not here to call people out piss anyone off or segregate one party from another.I am going to set out my stall once and for all if you do not like what you hear or feel it's not for you i respect that. Please respect what i am offering as a product and the fellow like minded players that also appreciate what i have presented.

Zulu 1 Military Simulation is a bona fide stand up registered business it is fully insured and requires a modest profit margin to operate and bring you the player further training and game opportunities. Do not request the profit percentage you would not do that at sears or walmart do not ask me! What i can tell you is that very penny of profit is being pumped back into the business to grow and better each operation.

The aim is as my website suggests to offer you the player/operator a 100% as real as it gets combat simulation, from mandatory training that sets the bar as to how we insist you will conduct yourselves as modern day soldiers, thru to briefings, sandtable construction, to CTR's recce,TTP's etc this will be conducted by established event organiser from the UK Tier 1.
ED the owner a former Royal Marine himself will be attending, bringing with him current serving Royal Marine instructors, what you will learn will be a major growth to your individual skill set and improve the game for you. This partnership will continue beyond silvertip allowing cross trade gaming each side of the pond.

These same instructors are key to the success of the saturday silvertip operation. I have also assembled a cadre of former military personnel to continue this high level of training moving forward.

Why have we included mandatory training?
This is because we expect everyone to conduct themselves in a roleplay soldierly fashion. You will be expected to bring your own kit see kit list on my website!!

I will have equipment for sale, basha's, bivi bag's, sleeping bags, and various other items such as bergens all of these items are on there way from European suppliers to offer cost effective equipment to the serious player. These items are truely cheaper than in canada items in most cases.I see this as paramount commitment to the player to ensure the growth of the player base for these style of games and Zulu1.

The "game" operation from startex to endex will have no breaks, no retrieving stuff from vehicles no smoke breaks or lunch breaks this all will be taken in field and yes you could get attacked. If you need equipment form the 24hr portion carry it!! in a bergen and expect to TAB several KM's and build all round defences and stag on at night.

You will be expected to operate as a team, you may not be with your regular team mates.

This event is meant as a challenge to you the player it will be tough, tiring, but ultimately satisfying when completed successfully. It certainly is a challenge to me putting this together.

The price is set for Zulu 1 to offer the real as it gets experience, flights cost from the UK, equipment and other trades cost.
I personally have sunk several thousands of dollars into the whole that is Zulu 1 to make it what it is and will be in the future. I am not planning on having 400 people attending 120 places are all that are catered for.
I'm asking the serious committed amongst you, come out and try it, in six months from now the $200 would have gone anyway on groceries or whatever but there still would be people talking about Op silvertip,AND when and where is the next one.

Why have we not started one 12 hr game at a time with 50 people? cost - this is a partnership with Tier 1 it would not be viable.
Who are they?
check them out yourselves it's readily available info on the net.they are bringing 7/8 players 4000 miles even with the cost of the flights to attend this game, these are not rich guys either but committed players. Committed to what Tier 1 Zulu 1 offer.

I fully understand that we have appeared from nowhere, asking for money

This needs 90 players, are you one?If we don't meet targets full refunds will be given!! All payments are collected via paypal you all have recourse

This will be the last time i post fully on here, i'm currently working 18/19hr days missing the time from my kids trying to get things together.

I will be attending, Op Iceback so if anyone is there or lives local come down talk to me, perhaps you will see then the passion i have for this venture and the vision i have for the future, if you don't like what you see or hear don't come. You will then have lost nothing!

I can assure you the background has been around for 2 years or more only recently being charged to what you see today

I am forcing no-one just looking for folks to join me on the ride.

Look forward to seeing some of you at the OP

P.s no i have not catalogued everything you will get, this is not a disney experience, leave something to open on the day!

ok flame on!!
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