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I'm tickled pink you can use my real name now, how clever to show you know more about anything. Good for you. What else can you do?

As I had said, I made a mistake and I admitted it. To my eyes, it appeared that your little event was exclusively training, so as I said, that is my mistake. It's only the first DAY that the training is there. Is that required training? Something that we can skip out on to reduce the cost?

Still wondering who's doing the pyro for you though. Would be good to know the money, all $200 of it, we are (potentially) spending isn't just going into pockets but into something worth-while. Of course, I, like most other Canadian players, are used to spending $60-100 for large, broad milsim games. I'm probably wrong again, and am underestimating what you are bringing to the table though. So I moved this thread for you back to General but perhaps the 'game' section is a much better home for it.

1) Is the training optional to reduce our price?
2) Which company is doing pyro and are they licensed?
3) What do players get out of spending $200+?
4) Are tents being provided?
5) Is food being provided to be cooked without a //"raging fire"//?

Plus, since you decided to 'call me out' and use my real name, yes I will be in BC at the time of the event and pending on whether I want to take part in your game or not. It will depend on the number of other veteran airsofters that I am familiar with. If they go, then it would be a nice experience. If not, well... I simply don't want to spend $200 to go camping with only 19 others who are confirmed (well, so says your facebook group anyhow).

Regards and rainbows

(edit: just throwing this in for archival sake)
Originally Posted by Zulu 1 View Post
Aquamarine please tell me how this is NOT milsim? Can you also explain Chris how you're a "maybe" on my facebook page yet full of sarcasm here?
After the training on Friday, Saturdays op is a milsim! Putting into practice all that has been learnt the previous day.

Any reason this gets thrown into off topic now?? Mod's not want anyone to read this?
Perhaps the game section would be better?

My aim is to bring something new to the community it's not for all i agree, everyone talks of the great games they see in Europe well here it is! Zulu 1 and Tier 1 are combining to bring this event to Canada let the public decide whether this is what they want rather than deciding it for them where are we Russia?
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